Capacity: 20 people

May vary depending on use. Please contact us for details.



10:00 AM to 10:30 PM
Minimum length of use on weekends and holidays is three hours.
Please include the time required for set-up and clean-up in the rental time.
Usage times start on the hour or half past the hour.
Usage fees are calculated in 30-minute increments.
Please take your garbage with you when you leave. An optional service for disposing of garbage in the facility is also available.


10,000 yen (tax incl.) per hour
Section 1 + Section 2 10,800 yen per hour
Kitchen sharing discount (*) is 30% off the above price

A discount will be provided if you agree to allow another customer to use (half) the kitchen area.

Optional service: Garbage disposal 1,000 yen (tax incl.) each time / Use of deep fryer ( including disposal of oil): 6,000 yen (tax incl.) per unit
The use of other kitchen utensils and equipment is included in the price. Please see the list below.


Click "Apply" above to apply

State the preferred time and date for your tour (up to 2 preferences), the time and date of use (up to 2 preferences), the number of people, the purpose of use and the name of the event (tentative name permitted) in the message section.

The STOCK office will send information on availability, an estimate, "Notes Regarding Use" and "List of Kitchen Utensils and Equipment."

Your reservation will be completed upon receipt of payment via bank transfer at least four business days prior to the date of use.

Date of use

If it is your first time using the kitchen studio, we will provide an orientation to familiarize you with the facility and equipment. Please arrive 15 minutes ahead of time if that is the case.