Cooking Lesson for New Years


On 5th of December, there was a special cooking lesson by Ms. Yukiko Kodama.

We usually eat Osechi, Japanese special cuisine of New Years, on 1st of January. It has many meaning of making wishes our health, happiness, business, charm against bad luck, good luck and more,,,,

They cooked Kurikinton, mashed sweet potato with sweet chestnuts, Kuromame, simmered black soy beans, Kohakunamasu, Japanese radish and carrots in vinegar, Kurumidentsukuri, candied nuts, and Edo-zohsui, Edo style rice porridge.

In addition, they practiced decorative cut for Zone, a soup with rice cakes.

Probably, they can prepare the Osechi easier before they cooked! Have a great new year!



It makes easy to prepare Christmas Party! The students may cook them again for Christmas.

  • Cooking Lesson for New Years
  • Cooking Lesson for New Years
  • Cooking Lesson for New Years